Diving in the Costa Tropical

Diving in Almunecar

Almunecar has become a focal point nationally and internationally for those interested in Diving. The areas hidden underwater are a wonderland full of multi-colored corals, rare fish and plant species as well as mysterious Phoenician and Roman ship wrecks to explore. Its unique beauty has been awarded prizes in the National underwater photographic competitions and the first ever marine park in Europe is even being planned for Almunecar.

Not surprisingly, many scuba diving companies operate year round here. Courses are offered for beginners and advanced divers and diving certificates can also be obtained. These companies will train you, certify you, provide you with the necessary equipment and then take you to the best known diving spots in the area.

Diving in La Herradura

The area around La Herradura is known for its spectacular beauty; the cliffs, the nature reserves found around Maro and Cerro Gordo, the unique landscape where the natural park of Sierra de la Almijara meets the sea. These are all visually stunning, but what many people don’t realize is that what lies beneath the sea, is equally as stunning.

Under the La Herradura bay and around its two points, you will discover mysterious underwater caves that are home to species not usually found at such shallow depths. These very rare and colorful plants and animals are a true sight to be seen.

Some of the best known diving spots are: the Cerro Gordo Caves, the Cantarrijan Grottos, El Cañuelo, El Desfiladero, La Punta del la Mona, Piedras Atlas, La Calita and Los Gigantes. For more information on these areas, contact the diving companies below.

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