Hotels in the Costa Tropical
Hotels in the Costa Tropical

Hotels in the Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical is packed with great places to stay from the high end four star hotels to the more inexpensive hostels and camp grounds to the rural villas and estates. We have them all here. Below you will find a brief description of each accommodation type with a link to our favorites!

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Costa Tropical Hotel Listings:

HOTEL ALMU?CAR PLAYAPaseo de San CristbalAlmu?car958 63 94 50
HOTEL BAHA TROPICALPlaya El PozueloAlmu?car958 63 94 66
PALACETE DE CZULASCasero de CzulasOtvar958 64 40 36
HOTEL PLAYA CLIDAUrbanizacin TorregaleraAlmu?car958 61 92 00
HOTEL BAHA ALMU?CARAvda. Rey Juan Carlos IAlmu?car958 63 11 00
HOTEL BEST ALCAZARC/ Tenis. Urb. Punta de la MonaLa Herradura958 61 86 47
HOTEL HELIOSP? de San CristbalAlmu?car958 63 44 59
HOTEL NAJARRAGuadix, 12Almu?car958 63 08 73
HOTEL CARMEN ALMU?CARAvenida Europa , 19Almu?car958 63 14 13
HOTEL CASABLANCAPlaza de AbderramanAlmu?car958 63 55 75
HOTEL PLAYA SAN CRISTBALPlaza de San Cristbal, 5Almu?car958 63 11 12
HOTEL VICTORIA PLAYAAvd. Amelia Snchez AlcazarAlmu?car958 03 94 00
HOTEL VICTORIA IIPlaza Damasco, 2Almu?car958 63 58 61
HOTEL SOL LOS FENICIOSP? Andrs SegoviaLa Herradura958 82 79 00
HOTEL SUITES ALBAYZN DEL MARAv. Costa del Sol, 23Almu?car958 63 21 61
HOTEL LA TARTANAUrb San NicolsLa Herradura958 64 05 35
HOTEL GOYAAvenida Europa, 31Almu?car958 63 05 50
HOTEL ALMIJARAAcera del Pilar, 6La Herradura958 618053
HOTEL SAN CARLOSCalle Larache, 2Almu?car958 63 92 08
HOTEL ARRAYANES PLAYAPaseo de Cotobro , 5Almu?car958 63 20 74
HOTEL CORTIJO DE ANDALUCIACtra. Suspiro del MoroAlmu?car958 634 477
PENSIN TROPICALAvd. Europa s/nAlmu?car958 63 34 58
HOSTAL VELILLAPlaya de Velilla, 20Almu?car958 63 07 58
PENSIN PE?A PARDAP? Andrs Segovia, 65La Herradura958 64 00 66
PENSIN CALETAP? Andrs SegoviaLa Herradura958 82 70 07
PENSIN SAN SEBASTIANC\ Ingeniero Real, 18Almu?car958 63 04 66
PENSIN ANDALUCIAC\ Cervetteri, 2Almu?car958 63 56 54
HOSTAL ALTAMARC\ Alta del MarAlmu?car958 63 03 46
PENSIN ROCAMARCordoba, 3Almu?car958 63 00 23
HOSTAL LA CA?ADAC.N-340 Cadiz-BarcelonaLa Herradura958 64 00 47
PENSIN COSTABELLATravesia de TaramayAlmu?car958 63 32 56
HOSTAL VISTAMARC.N-340 Cadiz-BarcelonaAlmu?car958 63 36 23
PENSIN LOS VERDIALESC.N-340 Km 308 Cadiz-BarcelonaLa Herradura958 64 02 08
PENSIN PARAMOC.N-340 Km 308 Cadiz-BarcelonaLa Herradura958 64 00 48
HOSTAL EL TESOROPlaya del TesorilloAlmu?car958 88 00 66
HOSTAL CALIFORNIAC.N-340 Km 313 Cadiz-BarcelonaAlmu?car958 88 10 38
HOSTAL VICTORIAPlaza de la VictoriaAlmu?car958 63 17 34
PENSIN DAMASCOC\ Cerrajeros, 8Almu?car958 63 01 65
PENSIN EL PUENTEAv. Costa del Sol, 14Almu?car958 63 01 23
HOSTAL BUENAVISTAAntigua C.N. Mlaga-Almera, 9Almu?car958 82 75 62
HOSTAL LOS ROSALESC.N-340. Cadiz-Barcelona Travesa de TaramayAlmu?car958 63 10 79
HOSTAL MEDINAC.N-340 Cadiz-BarcelonaAlmu?car958 63 10 28
PENSIN LA HERRADURACalle Real, 5La Herradura958 82 76 44
PENSIN CASA FINA RUIZCalle San Jos, 30Almu?car958 63 11 52
CARAMBOLOC.N-340 km 315 Cadiz-BarcelonaAlmu?car958 63 03 22
NUEVO CAMPING LA HERRADURAP? Andrs Segovia La HerraduraLa Herradura958 64 06 34
LA HERRADURAReal, La HerraduraLa Herradura958 64 00 56
Cortijo La LunaPago de TaramayAlmu?car958 880 931
Parque de la Naturaleza Pe?a EscritaPe?a EscritaAlmu?car615 321 462


The hotels in the area range from 4 stars to 1 star and you can find one to suit any budget. We have researched a nice selection of hotels in town with varying prices and amenities. Look over our list and see if any interest you.

Hostales / Pensiones

“Hostal” and “Pension” are Spanish words for a category of lodging that tends to be cheaper than hotels. They normally provide a bar and/or restaurant/cafeteria where drinks and food are served to guests and locals alike. The Hostales and Pensiones are commonly family owned and run. In each you will usually have a private room but sometimes the bathrooms can be communal.

Some Hostales offer "en suite" rooms which means a room with a private bathroom and kitchenette. These rooms can be rented long term or short term. Those traveling for extended periods of time might find that these businesses will often offer great discounts to those staying longer. Always ask! You will be very surprised by how high the quality is for the price!

** Important - Hostales and Pensiones usually do not accept credit cards – cash only and the quality of accommodation can vary widely. Do your research!


There are three campground facilities in the area, these are a great option and probably your lowest cost option. Campgrounds are very popular for many Europeans, it combines low cost travel from the comfort of your own home (or in this case RV).

Rural Stays

"Of, or pertaining to, or characteristic of the country, country life, or country people; rustic: rural tranquillity." The mountains behind the Costa Tropical are beautifully majestic and also packed with great accommodations. There are a number of bed and breakfast type inns as well as home rentals. For those of you looking for a getaway off the beaten track, you can find some idylic options here.


"A villa was originally an upper-class country house, though since its origins in Roman times the idea and function of a villa has evolved considerably." Today a villa is considered to be a detached house. Most villas in the area come with full amenities as well as a pool and garden. These are a great option for those with larger groups or those just wanting to live the high life for awhile.


"A room or suite of rooms designed as a residence and generally located in a building (or highrise) occupied by more than one household." There are many, many available apartments to rent in the area. These cost less than a villa but still offer privacy and a larger size. Most apartments are located right on the beach with great access to restaurants and other activities.

Peak Seasons - the season when travel is most active and rates are highest. Learn more about the best times to come.

High Season

July 1 - August 31
December 24 - January 6
Easter week (March or April)

Mid Season

April - June
September - October

Low Season

Novemeber - March

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