The Costa Tropical Parks

The Costa Tropical is in little need of beautiful wide open spaces since it is packed from end to end with gorgeous sunny beaches but what’s wrong with a few more? Along with its beaches and lush mountain valleys there are also many tropical gardens and protected natural green zones. Not only will you find a variety of tropical trees, plants and exotic animals and birds, but many of the areas monuments and artwork are found in its parks as well. There are parks to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Just a few of the parks you will find here are the Majuelo Botanical Gardens, Lori Sexi Bird Sanctuary, the Paraje Natural de los Acantilados de Maro y Cerro Gordo and there is even a waterpark for the kids!

A number of cultural events, such as gastronomic fairs and the annual Jazz Festival also take place in the Costa Tropical parks.

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