Golf in the Costa Tropical

There have been rumors for years that the Costa Tropical was going to build its own golf course and resort, but as of today none exist. The fact is, this really doesn’t matter because there are literally 70+ golf courses within driving distance of our costa. The Costa Almeria to our east has 11 courses, inland Granada has another 7 courses, and the Costa del Sol to our west has just over 60 golf courses all within an hour and a half drive.

Golfing on the southern Mediterranean coast has become very popular over the last 10 years. In fact, southern Spain is now known as one of the premier golfing destination in all of Europe. With year round sunny weather and courses with views of the Mediterranean Sea and snow covered mountain ranges on either side, you can’t beat the beauty or the climate anywhere. Four (4) of the nearby courses are even listed within the top ten in all of Europe. The Valderama course, a bit further west in Cadiz, was chosen for the Ryder cup in 1997. This brought much recognition to the area from the golfing world and newer and better courses began popping up all over the Spanish coastline.

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