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Business Directory - Salobrena - Bars

Business Directory - Salobrena - Bars
Our directory has been built with the goal of listing all local businesses within the Costa Tropical: online stores; brick and mortar establishments; or new ventures that are just taking off. If you are in business, we want YOU here.

We already have over 200 businesses listed in our directory and are adding more and more everyday.

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Salobrena Listings: (Bars)

Cafe Atlantis Pub
Urb. El Sol, Edif. Venus 8 - frente al Peńon Salobreńa - Salobreńa, - -
Carpe Diem
C/Fábrica Nueva 41 - - Salobreńa, - -
C/Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente 4 - - Salobreńa, - -
Bar Miguel Jesús
Plaza del Mar - - Salobreńa, - -
Cafetería Goya
Plaza de Goya - - Salobreńa, 958 612 623 - -
Cafetería Pub Trestero
C/Jardines 2 - - Salobreńa, - - http://www.pubtrestero.com

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