Beauty & Health in the Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical is the epitome of health and beauty. The natural environment of sun and sea, Mediterranean diet and number of healthy outdoor activities keep the people in the area very fit and trim. It is the perfect place to come if you are looking to relax and reinvigorate yourself.

The Mediterranean diet is famous for its healthy and slimming effects. The diet consists mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and mollusks, some chicken and pork, fresh breads and lots of olive oil. The small amount of butter and fatty meats eaten reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. Heart healthy fish, fruits and vegetables give the body all the necessary nutrients needed and it has been shown that olive oil seems to aid in these effects. All of this and it tastes great too!

If you are interested in a day at the spa, there are many available to you. Locally we have the Santa Cruz Spa in Almunecar. Not too far away there are two overnight spas with natural hot springs. These can be found in Alhama de Granada and Alhama de Almeria. The upscale and beauty conscience Costa del Sol also has many high end spas you can visit.

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