The Arts in the Costa Tropical

If you are looking for traditional Spanish articles and craftsmanship you can find it here. Spain has always been on record for its beautifully crafted pottery which varies significantly from region to region. Other items and crafts that are unique to the area are leather works, rug weavings and many decorative and ceramic pieces with a Moorish flair.

The unique pottery is actually a very important distinction for the Spanish people in that each area of the country creates and produces its own designs and specific types of ceramic pieces. Country wide contests are held for the Province with the best or most creative designs. Every year young Spaniards across the country work to improve the distinctive looks of their own Provinces pieces. Some designs have remained throughout the years while others have changed and taken on a more modern look.

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Explore the Arts & Crafts

The pottery of the Costa Tropical has a very distinctive blue and green pattern and can be found at many of the outdoor markets that rotate through the towns. The schedule and location of these markets can be found on the Costa Tropical Markets page.

The Moors have left a very significant footprint on Spain and its people and this can be seen in the local artwork. Especially with Morocco and other Arab countries only being a few hours from the Costa Tropical, you are going to see a lot of products and designs that originated from those areas. Almunecar, in particular, has a rather large and fabulous Moroccan store with beautiful rugs, architectural pieces, lighting, sconces and a huge ceramics section among other things. Moroccan items can be found in all of the Costa Tropical towns and outdoor markets.

Other artisan crafts and souvenirs can be found in the Plaza Abderramán near the Peñon de San Cristobal and in the Province Houses of Majuelo Park.

Two other great places to pick up local Spanish and Moroccan crafts are the Alpujarras and the city of Granada. The Alpujarras is an ancient and isolated region along the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains and includes the beautiful towns of Pampaneira, Bubión, and Capileira. These towns specialize in making hand woven rugs. You can get there from the Costa Tropical in about an hour by car and 1.5 hours by bus. They are located high in the Sierra Nevada mountains where the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than on the coast. We really recommend a trip up there as the views are magnificent and the area has a completely different feel than the areas by the coast.

The city of Granada is known for many things, one of which is the Moroccan shopping area known as the Albaicin. Starting around the top of the city you can wind your way down a narrow alleyway that is filled with Moroccan wares, crafts, restaurants and tea shops. The colors, smells and noisy atmosphere are all consuming which really make for a memorable experience. This is the most popular area for buying Moroccan items but you can find them all over the city.