Casco Antiguo in Almuñécar
Casco Antiguo in Almuñécar

The Casco Antiguo in Almuñecar

The Almuñecar Old Quarter is built on the main hill in town overlooking the sea and capped by the majestic San Miguel Castle. This "main hill in town" is called "San Miguel Cerro". The Old Quarter is a largely untouched, typical whitewashed Andalusian village of narrow winding alleys, cobblestoned streets, hidden plazas adorned with palms and resplendent flowers, and stunning views of the sea. The Old Quarter is largely inhabited by families who have lived there for many, many generations, and therefore the original character is very well preserved.

The Almuñecar municipality has invested in recent years in the repair of streets, reformation of sites of historical interest, and in repairing the San Miguel Castle. Places of interest in the Old Quarter include the San Miguel Castle and the Cueva de Siete Palacios and its Archaelogical Museum. At the base of the Old Quarter, heading west and directly under the San Miguel Castle, is the beautiful Majuelo Park with its large and complete exhibition of tropical plants and palms from around the world and also housing the large Roman ruins of the "Fish Factory".

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