Almuñécar in the Costa Tropical of Southern Spain ... Everything to know about Almunecar.
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Moorish Almuñécar (Almunecar)

But First, The Visigoths - Who were the Moors - Moorish Almunecar - Moorish Monuments

But First, The Visigoths

Before the Moors controlled Spain there was another Germanic group that occupied the peninsula, the Visigoths. These barbarians came from the Balkan peninsula(modern day Serbia and Bulgaria) and existed in a less sophisticated tribal society. The Visigoths are well known in history for sacking the Roman Empire. When the Huns moved into western Europe, the Visigoths moved from the west down into Italy, famously taking Rome in 410 AD. From Italy they moved back north and down into Spain where they pushed the Romans out and took Toledo as their captial.

Until around 700 AD the Visigoths ruled the land but with much strife among their nobility. The Roman nobles still ran the financial system and their Bishops were still the senior figures in the land. This caused much tension between the ranks as the Romans at this time were a very sophisticated people while the Visigoths were long-haired, and crude adorned with gaudy jewelry. Town life declined under the Visigoths. In time, with much conflict and undermining within their government, the moors were able to move in and conquer the land.

Who were the Moors?

Moorish Almuñécar (Almunecar)

Here for over 800 years Left the greatest mark on the area with monuments that still remain and are used to this day. Built the old quarter and the white washed houses that still exist today, watch towers and the castle of San Miguel.

Moorish monuments to visit in Almuñécar (Almunecar)

Already mentioned are the Fish Salting Factory and the Roman Aquaduct.
Other Roman contributions to the area include: La Cueva de Siete Palacios, home to the
municipal museum, and two roman bural grounds found on the outskirts of town; La Albina and
La Torre del Monje.

Other Intersting Info...

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